Carnival Cruise Line -2016 Recruitment Drive

After several years of being away in the Chinese cruise industry, Carnival Cruise Line formally made its presence known to the new generation of Chinese crew members from Aug 25 – Sept 10. This 3 week long recruitment activity is marked with frenzied activities of traveling, exotic food, Chinese style entertainment and, of course, the interviews. Let me give you a brief review and quick tour of this amazing recruitment trip from North, Central, and South of China.

AUG. 25 Shanghai Bar waiter interview

The first stop is at the international and cosmopolitan city—Shanghai. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, 40 bar waiter candidates eagerly waited for this golden opportunity to be interviewed by Carnival Hotel Recruiting Manager - Devid, and recruiters - Anthony and Eddie. During the briefing before the interview began, the recruiters emphasize on 3 criteria they are looking out for in candidates: personality, English skills, and bar experience. At the end of the noon, the interview was over.

AUG 26 Wuhan Bar waiter interview

The second stop is at Wuhan city also known as the River City located at the central part of China. The interview was held in Sealand-Wuhan office where 24 bar waiter candidates joined the interview.

AUG 29 Xiamen Bar waiter interview

The third stop is at the coastal city, Xiamen—south of China. With the mountains, seaside and beachesas backdrop to this magnificent island, the recruiters truly enjoyed their stay in the Miami of China.The interview was held in the Xiamen office with 38 bar waiter candidates in attendance.

Aug 30-31 Qingdao Housekeeping interview

The first stop is at the coastal city, Qingdao. The recruiter in charge for housekeeping is Zuzana who has been with the housekeeping department for several years now. There were 34 candidates who joined this interview. She showed much patience and grace during the interview. After a long day's work, Zuzana tried out some exotic food like silkworm and immensely enjoyed it. They also showed her the beaches and historical places in Qingdao like Mt. Laoshan.

Sept 3 Wuhan Housekeeping interview

The interview was held in Marco Polo Wuhan hotel. With the elegant ambience and plush furnishings, it made the interview seem more formal and intimidating to some candidates. Nevertheless, Zuzana and Devid were quite nice and friendly to the candidates so they put everyone at ease right away. One candidate even made some handmade origami swan and presented it to Devid as a gift. These candidates really have a way to show their unique Chinese hospitality.

Sept 8 Wuhan Guest Service Associate interview

The interview was held in Sealand-Wuhan office with 16 candidates in attendance. Clarisa is the recruiter for this position.

Sept 10 Shanghai Guest Service Associate interview

The interview was held in Sealand-Shanghai office with 21 candidates vying for the position. At the end of the day, everybody just went back to the hotel to take a much needed rest.

After a hectic 3 week interview schedule, all the recruiters went back to Miami. We wish all the candidates luck as they will be joining Carnival ships soon. We also want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the recruiters for their hard work and efforts to make this interview a resounding success. If there is one thing we learned from hanging out with Carnival recruiters is that there is never a dull moment with them. Fun for All, All for Fun indeed!