Photography Class—Magical Moment In Our Lives

Is it your dream to travel around the world and capture these magical moments using your high-tech DSLR camera but you have no idea how to use it ?

Is it your dream to work onboard as photographer, but have absolutely no idea where to start?

Well,for these 25 candidates, they made the right decision and signed up for our Photography class held in Xiamen . It is the step in the right direction in realizing their dreams.

It is with great honor and pride to have Ms. Yang preside this class. Not only is she a professional photographer, but she also worked her way up from being an IMAGE photographer trainee to studio manager, which is quite an accomplishment for a Chinese staff. She shared her rich experience as an onboard photographer with the class from the basic operations of DSLR camera, sales skills, customer service skills and how to ask guests to make several poses in different areas of the ship.

What makes this class different from the usual photography class out there? The medium of instruction is both English and Mandarin. In fact, Ms. Yang speaks impeccable, clear English. We can't emphasize more the importance of English skills when considering cruise jobs. As we all know, English is the official language onboard. Without English skills, you can't apply for any position onboard.

Onboard photographers are expected to take photos such as portraits, couple shots, resi and gangway. Everybody had hands-on experience in handling Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras and giving out directions in English.

Let's look at some photos taken during the class.

We're wishing everyone a bright career ahead as photographers! For those who have missed out on this class, don't worry, just keep following our wechat account: youlun-org for updates on training class schedule. See you all in Xiamen!