Cruise Lines 2017 Q2 Breakdown: Big Gains, Norwegian Delivers

Cruise Industry News takes a look at the financial performance of the “big three" following the second quarter of 2017.


There were big gains on net income per passenger day for both Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, the latter of which posted a gain of over $10 on net income per passenger day year-over-year.

Carnival Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings carried more passengers year-over-year in the second quarter, both of which can be mainly attributed to more short cruises in China and increased capacity overall.

Royal Caribbean, however, saw passenger cruise days fall – most likely linked to the transfer of the Legend of the Seas to Thomson.

Gross ticket pricing per day was well up across the board, averaging $167.27 compared to $157.54.

Gross onboard revenue per passenger per day was up $1.31 for Carnival, $2.70 for Royal and $4.76 for Norwegian.

Carnival Corporation saw its net income dragged down by losses on fuel derivatives.

Coming off a very healthy second quarter, all three companies are set up for a monster third quarter.