Turning your difficulties into opportunities.

Sealand has been the premier choice of international cruise companies and hotels for sourcing qualified crew members and hotel staff for more than 20 years in Mainland China. Through the years, we have over 10,000s of contracted crews and more than 2000 land-based employees to best fit our partners' needs.

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Sealand has earned the trust and respect of crew members making it their first choice for land-based and sea-based job opportunities. Diverse recruitment channels, referrals, fairs, websites, social media. Read more


We provide all-in-one program for our candidates. Our training includes STCW training,company briefing, pre-departure briefing, interview. Read more


All-in-one program for our partners, this program is included but not limited to: candidates prescreening, specific product knowledge training, documentation processing, and even flight booking etc. Read more


Chinese crew members may require medical exam certificates, seaman book, and others. We provide professional consultancy service for all your seafarer's documentation needs. Read more


Visa requirements depend on the itinerary and position of the crew member. Most common visas for crew members are US visa, Schengen visa, Australian visa and German visa. Read more


Traveling from the gateway city to the embarkation point is not a walk in the park. Flight, train, and hotel bookings are part of pre-onboarding procedure. You can relax while we do the dirty job for you. Read more


We provide the best solutions to your manpower needs from recruitment, training, documentation and more.

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We can jumpstart your overseas career in no time and make your dream job a reality.

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